September 29, 2022

5 Tips for Playing Games Using a Low-End PC

Playing games using a low-end PC of course can. Playing games does not have to use a high-end computer or one that has qualified specifications. A low-end computer or PC with low specifications can also be used to play games.

Contents show 1 Update graphics card drivers regularly 2 Choose light games to play games on a low-end PC 3 Use a game booster application 4 Lower graphics quality 5 Turn on ‘high performance on your computer’s power plan 6 Related

Now almost all well-known computer brands have designs and specifications that are intended for playing games, including playing games using low-end PCs. However, many of them launched gaming computer devices at high prices. Then what about computers with low-end specifications?

Update graphics card drivers regularly

Graphics card is one of the main keys in playing games on computers which are usually produced by companies like NVIDIA and AMD. Well, if by chance the graphics card you have is mediocre, don’t be discouraged. Because you can actually play games smoothly and without a hitch. The trick is to keep the drivers on your graphics card updated. The latest drivers issued by the producer company also usually contain bug fixes from all directions and are presented to be able to play the latest games.

Choose light games so you can play games using a low-end PC

There are so many types of light games that don’t require a computer with powerful specifications such as Solitaire and Freecell. These games are very simple and simple with a very small capacity that does not need high graphics quality. Which can even be played with a computer device that only has 1 GB of RAM and a 2.0 GHz processor and Intel HD Graphics 3000 VGA only. To know more information about accessories & jewelry you can visit this site karendiamonddesigns

Use the game booster app

Although this method is less popular among gamers, it has proven to be quite effective. This game booster turns out to be able to optimize RAM usage when playing heavy games. And it’s free to download. The way these application works is also quite simple. Where this application will automatically turn off applications. That are not so important on your computer screen so that your computer’s operating system will focus only on gaming.

Lower graphic quality

This method does sound funny, but it is quite effective for optimizing your performance in playing heavy games. For that, you have to choose the lowest graphics quality option which is usually provided by game developers around the world. Although it has little effect on the graphical appearance of your game on the computer screen. These tips are very useful for those of you who only have a computer with mediocre specifications. It turns out that there are also heavy games that have a pretty good graphic display after you change the graphics settings to the lowest quality. Just try it yourself, and prove it right away!

Turn on ‘high performance on the computer’s power plan

In general, a laptop computer will turn on the ‘energy store’ to regulate battery life while playing games. Therefore, most people will suggest charging while playing games. In fact, with this fourth tip, namely by turning on high performance in the Power Plan menu on your Windows operating system, you will be able to save energy on your laptop battery.

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