Computer: Mouse Functions You Need to Know
September 7, 2022

Computer: Mouse Functions You Need to Know

Computer: Mouse Functions You Need to Know

Computer- The mouse is one of the important input hardware that must be present when we want to operate a computer. The main function of the mouse as a pointing device or pointing device, became very important and useful when it was first discovered.

The mouse was first invented or created around 1963 by Douglas Engelbart. At first the mouse was made of wood with only one button. From year to year until now the mouse has developed to be even more sophisticated. In fact, its function is not only for pointing devices but has other functions. Even for laptop devices, the mouse is no longer needed. The mouse function is replaced with a touch pad that is integrated with the laptop.

In general, the mouse has a shape similar to a mouse. That’s why this tool is called the mouse. In terms of technology, the mouse used to use a mechanical sensor but has now evolved to a more modern optical mouse model.

The working system of the mouse itself lies in the sensor that functions to move the cursor. The result of the cursor movement on the monitor is the result of the operation of the sensor which is driven by the rotation of the ball or the optical sensor which is now widely used by modern mice. For more details, here is some information about the mouse that you need to know.

Mouse Function

1. To run a program

The mouse has an important role to start running a program on the computer. In addition, with the mouse we can also open files.

2. To select an object

By using the mouse, we will find it easier to select the file or program we want to open or run. If you need more information about computers you can visit this site too ntt-infolead

3. Drag and drop

Drag and drop is one of the mouse functions that can make our work easier. With just the mouse, we can drag the files we want to move or copy.

4. Perform scroll operation

This mouse function is only available on the latest generation of mice which have additions such as a ball or a small tire in the middle of the front of the mouse. With this section. Scrolling is also usually used to browse a page while browsing the internet.

The scroll operation on the mouse also replaces the down arrow on the keyboard. In addition, the mouse function on this one can also be used to decrease or increase the volume.

5. Other functions of the mouse

The function of the other mouse is when the mouse is used for advanced levels such as to design an image, and certain programs.

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