Computer Parts: The Most Important Parts of a Computer
June 11, 2022

Computer Parts: The Most Important Parts of a Computer

Computer Parts: The Most Important Parts of a Computer

Computer Parts- Currently, not only the fashion world is always growing rapidly, but technology is also developing fast.

To be more efficient, it is not uncommon today for many computers selling shops to provide a 1 set package so that it is easier with a slightly more expensive price, when in fact when we choose to buy computer parts separately it will be cheaper than the budget spent.

Well, for those of you who want to assemble your own computer but don’t know the most important parts of a computer, such as hardware especially, here I will give you some tips and parts for assembling a computer.

1. Processor

The first part is a core component of a computer. There are two of the most well-known brands of computer processors, namely, Intel and AMD.

The performance of a computer is supported by three parts, namely Processor, VGA and RAM. If your processor is old-school technology, but the VGA and RAM are the latest technology, the performance of VGA and RAM will not be optimal, usually an incident like this is called a Bot leneck.

Therefore, make sure when you choose to assemble a PC, prioritize the specifications of the processor technology so that later VGA and RAM can work optimally.

2. Motherboards

In addition to the processor, the motherboard is also one of the most important parts of a PC. The most important thing you need to know in buying separate computer parts is that the motherboard, processor, hard drive, and RAM must have the same code.

3. Hard disk

As a data storage medium on a computer, it requires a component, namely the hard disk.

Along with the development of today’s hard drives into SSDs that come from quality materials and are more resilient than hard drives.

WD or Seagate is a quality brand hard drive.

4. RAM

RAM is a computer component that can support maximum performance in a computer.

Basically, the RAM that has a large capacity, the better the performance of the computer. For those of you who use 2GB of RAM, it’s better to use a 64bit OS.

On the other hand, when you use RAM with a capacity of less than 2GB, use a 32-bit OS, it’s different if you use a 32-bit OS with 4GB of RAM, then the system only reads 2GB of RAM.

In order to avoid alignment problems, use standard RAM on an old-school processor or single channel. But if your processor is modern and up to date, use Dual Channel RAM for maximum performance.

5. Power Supply

The power supply or commonly called the PSU is the part of the computer that provides power to a CPU from a power source.

In choosing a PSU you also shouldn’t be careless, make sure to choose a PSU that has enough power to charge the CPU. Because the CPU lacks electrical power, the PC cannot turn on at all and the PC cannot be operated.

Worse still, the components inside the CPU can burn due to unstable electricity. You can also choose the latest PC power supply branded Corsair and Cougar.

Well, those are tips for choosing the most important parts of a computer if you want to assemble it yourself. Make sure before you choose to assemble a computer, don’t forget to do the tips above!