Desktop computer: This is the advantage and disadvantages
June 11, 2022

Desktop computer: This is the advantage and disadvantages

Desktop computer: This is the advantage and disadvantages

Desktop computers have many advantages that make some computer users like me prefer desktop PC to laptops or tablets. Even though. desktop PC also have disadvantages, they do not dampen the desire of desktop computer users. What are the advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computer

Advantages of Desktop Computer:

1. More Affordable Price

If you have a mediocre budget, buying a desktop computer is the right choice because you don’t have to buy a build-up computer or laptop, the assembled computer is still okay at a cheaper price, especially if you already have an LCD / LED monitor, keyboard or mouse. just buy the CPU, for example, an assembled desktop computer with a Core2Duo 2.26 GHz processor. Sold at a price of 2 million. You can also buy a computer with a processor specification that is not too high, so the price is cheaper.

2. Flexible Hardware

You can freely modify/upgrade your desktop computers, for example replacing/adding a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, RAM, PSU, TV tuner, graphics card or even changing the processor. The keyboard on a desktop computer is more complete with buttons and more flexible to use, you can freely move the keyboard without having to move the CPU or monitor even if you want you can use a wireless keyboard.

3. Stubborn and Durable

Desktop computers are more durable as long as they are used correctly and the voltage is stable. Desktop computers are also easier to maintain, for example, if there’s a problem with the cooling fan, you can replace it immediately. They are more stubborn despite using it continuously for 24 hours.

4. Monitor sizes are more varied

Working with a computer monitor that is roomy/wide is another advantage over desktop computers, not only limited to a size of 14 inches but even bigger, for example, 21 inches. You can replace it at any time without having to buy a new computer but just replace the monitor.

Disadvantages of Desktop Computers:

1. The design is not mobile

Desktop computers are indeed designed to be placed in a place not to be moved because they are quite large and the connection is still dependent on cables such as power cables, VGA cables, mice or keyboards. So if your job requires you to always move, a desktop computer is not suitable for you. .

2. Power consumption is big

Desktop computers use hardware that is quite energy-consuming both to turn on the CPU and monitor, especially if the specifications are high, for example, a computer for games because the hardware is more complex than a normal computer.

3. Voltage Must Be Stable

Desktop computer users are advised to use a voltage stabilizer that allows for stabilizing the voltage when the power supply voltage rises or falls. Desktop computers use 220 Volt AC power to turn on the CPU and monitor. This voltage must be stable otherwise it will cause damage to the hardware.

Thus the information about the advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers. Hopefully, it can be a reference for you in finding the right type of computer.