September 18, 2022

Divorce Lawyers Glasgow, Paisley & Renfrew

In the event that you do wish to separate, think about what routine of care would work for the children going forward. Thinking about this in advance would enable your lawyer to discuss this with you at the meeting and give you advice upon the same. What is essential is that when any major life decision is made, expert advice should be taken to ensure that you are aware of all of the potential outcomes of your decision.

This may highlight the advantage of undertaking a law degree to maximise your chances of passing the SQE . Family law is also remarkably diverse so although you will read about core topics studying family law makes for many varied areas of learning. You would usually each retain those personal belongings you bought or which were given to you. Under normal circumstances any such difficulties are resolved quickly with or without the assistance of your solicitor.

Business owner divorce Matrimonial assets included the former matrimonial home worth and a French château worth. The husband also owned business premises from which he operated an antiques business. Our team have a wide range of skills and experience to be able to explore alternative resolutions to court, including collaborative law, mediation and arbitration. That’s why we’re recommended in The Legal 500 UKas one of the top firms in the region for family law, and inChambers UK, we are the highest-rated firm in the county for our work in this field. If you have been a victim of medical negligence, we can help you get answers, gain any further care, treatment and rehabilitation needed and help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you and your partner maintain some financial interactions after a divorce, such as child maintenance payments, however, these will remain open to future challenge. In any case of international divorce where the proceedings could take place in more than one country, speed is an important factor. If your spouse starts proceedings in one country, you may not be able to initiate them in another.

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We also work closely with lawyers from other jurisdictions and can provide international legal advice, certificates of law and expert witness reports for foreign legal proceedings. In a case from 2012 , the Court decided to award the wife £285,000 of joint funds of £600,000 (£500,000 of which was the husband’s personal injury compensation) as she was the primary carer for their two children. This case went to the Court of Appeal, who agreed with the original decision but added that a third should be paid back to the husband once the children reached 18. If you are divorcing in another country, different laws will apply to making your financial settlement final, so it’s important to seek expert legal advice.

  • Many law firms offer free consultations with experienced family solicitors.
  • With the legal advice of experienced divorce lawyers, you have the advantage of a knowledgeable professional to represent your case.
  • Are accustomed to dealing with all eventualities concerning divorce, and it will be worth having the peace of mind that using an experienced professional can bring.
  • In 2018, we were proud to be named as a finalist for ‘Family Law Firm of the Year – South’ at the UK-wideFamily Law Awards.

At Joe Egan Solicitors, we know how stressful and painful family law issues can be. You can rely on our experts to offer reliable legal advice and representation in all areas of family law. If a separation is inevitable, they will go through the options and process with you. Your family lawyer will explain that divorce is almost always carried out in the most amicable and cost effective manner as possible. Receiving a misdiagnosis can be very worrying and cause distress for you and your family.

Our human rights solicitors are committed to holding the police to account when they have acted illegally or unfairly. If you’re caught up in a distressing and frightening situation at home, contact our experienced and sensitive domestic violence team. Our specialist solicitors have the knowledge and tenacity to ensure you get the result you deserve. Our specialist team perdana4peace regularly act for high profile clients, supporting them and helping to maintain their public image. You can rely on our specialist expertise in areas other than Family Law, ranging from Wills and estate planning to residential property, if needed. All qualifying work experience will need to be signed off by a solicitor who will review the work and provide feedback.

With both sides appointing independent arbitrators who hear evidence from both sides. Then with an understanding of what each side wants to achieve they form a binding decision, or arbitral award, which is later endorsed as an order by the family court. Taking the process of divorce or dissolution into court should be seen as a last resort. Mediation in the first instance has been deemed compulsory in recent years. We’ll take the time to listen to what’s important to you, and once we’re all agreed on the outcome you want, we’ll make it our one goal to achieve this for you, in the least confrontational way possible.


A reputable solicitor will guide you to a more suitable colleague in their firm, or even suggest another law firm altogether. Find a lawyer that’s accessible and contactable at short notice, should you have any questions or need to talk about any disputes that may arise. You will be meeting your lawyer in person, so it’s useful to have one in your local area or who will travel to see you at work. Helping you negotiate an agreement with your husband or wife without going to court.

Will my divorce case have to go through the courts?

Our debt recovery solicitors will ensure you receive the amount you are owed. If your council or housing association have breached your basic rights, our experienced team of housing lawyers will fight to get you justice. Our specialist solicitors will act as a professional deputy, assist with deputy appointment applications and provide expert advice on becoming a professional deputy. For legal guidance and support on the most personal of matters, speak to our specialist solicitors for tailored advice that suits your needs.