August 23, 2022

GM Technology receives Business Services Excellence Award

They enable you to form a consistent framework for measuring different candidates against. This will ensure you are more likely to recruit the right person rather than a reliance on your gut instinct or collective perceptions. For example, give feedback about what is going well, as well as offering coaching for skills needing development. For specific help with this, see our resource performance appraisal methods. If you’re still not sure what will be the most rewarding to your employees, ask them what they would prefer. You can then gain feedback on the scheme through staff surveys and performance reviews.

  • On the other hand, if your primary goal is to add genuine value to your customers, then your chances of growing a more profitable business becomes immensely stronger.
  • When considering why customer service is important, the reputation of your brand will trump everything else.
  • When they see positive customer relationships, friendly communication and even banter, it makes your employees feel proud to be part of a team that really cares about their roles and responsibility.
  • Xtratherm UKmanufacture themal insulation products for the construction industry.
  • Roger Bullivant Ltdis a foundation engineering company specialising in the design and construction of foundations for all types of buildings and structures.

Check out ideas on how to do this in our resource customer service training ideas. Finally, conduct a periodic review on how effective your complaint handling process is at each stage to identify improvements that can be made. Lastly, provide the team leaders with the resources they will need to deliver these bite-size sessions. For example, supply laminated cards, posters, activities, exercises and products, as well as training guides. Along with the provision of training and coaching; reinforced with great performance recognition, you can embed this level of personalised customer service and customer loyalty. Pre-empt customer questions by explaining what to expect at every stage of the customer journey.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to bring customer excellence to your organisation

We’re looking forward to seeing the very best of service excellence from the Somerset business community. Falling revenue is something that is currently affecting many businesses, including retail organisations, construction firms and professional service suppliers. And when revenue falls, outside investment from private equity firms and venture capitalists becomes even harder to secure, meaning growth opportunities that will help boost income are not possible. Needless to say, for those higher up the management food chain, this should be a must-read if they have so far not jumped on-board the LEAN train. That said, even those who are working at a company which is LEAN-enabled may still get a lot of good knowledge from this book to help modify or emphasis a certain point.

Transformation of this kind can be overwhelming if you’re not used to it. These ground-tested techniques are designed to help you make continuous improvements in your services, streamline your operations, and add ever-increasing value to your customers. The book features fascinating case studies of Lean-driven success in a range of service industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, and more. Star Mayan Ltd is a group of companies providing linen management services to hospitals amd other organisations in the healthcare and personal care sectors in the UK. Many of these individuals have a practice-specific expertise and particular focus so as to provide a more tailored solutions for our clients on their most complex or strategic matters.

Your business

Actioning customer feedback is a vital part of delivering excellent customer service – and the important word here is ‘actioning’. Giving your customers a platform to share their views, let you know what works well and what doesn’t, and make suggestions, is a great way to gather feedback. But it’s acting on that feedback to make changes that really counts. This will also help you to deliver a more personalised service – whether that’s tailored to the specific needs of your client, a building’s tenants, or an individual visitor to your site.