Tablet Computers: Choosing a Tablet PC or Laptop
June 11, 2022

Tablet Computers: Choosing a Tablet PC or Laptop

Tablet Computers: Choosing a Tablet PC or Laptop

Tablet computers are now increasingly popular among the Indonesian people because of their main advantage, namely the ease of operation.

Its existence is now considered by most people to have defeated the function and popularity of laptops. But are Tablet PCs really the right choice for spacers over the now-feeling- more traditional laptops?

Don’t conclude before you read the following article. Here, we will detail the comparison between the two so that spacers can choose what kind of mobile gadget suits their needs.

Input Method

The most basic difference between tablet computers and laptops is the lack of a keyboard and relying on a touchscreen for operation on tablet computers. This is great if it involves an app that really needs to point, drag, or tap, but when it comes to typing the spacer will prompt to type on the virtual keyboard.

Result: Laptop, suitable for those who type more. While the tablet PC, for those who often do touch interaction with the screen.


This is probably the biggest reason for spacers to choose a tablet PC over a laptop. The tablet is approximately the size of A4 paper and weighs less than 2 kilograms on average. While laptops tend to be bigger and heavier. Some of them are even less mobile because they can’t fit into the spacer’s briefcase.

Result: tablets

Battery Life

The company designed the tablet to be as efficient as possible, especially when it came to power. In comparison, laptops use stronger hardware, and the composition of laptop batteries is very far from the internal tablet pc. Now can use the tablet for up to ten hours. However, the average laptop will only run for about three to four hours on multiple system conditions.

Result: Tablet

Storage Capacity

In order to maintain size and cost, tablet PCs must condense storage memory. However, in some countries, virtual data stores are now more accessible. This makes it easier for spacers to store and open data anywhere and anytime. However, all virtual data storage places always maximize their storage. In comparison, most laptops still use conventional hard drives that win with further capacities. Netbooks, which are more minimalist than laptops, are capable of storing 160 gigabytes of data.

Result: Laptop


The two main platforms that support tablet PCs today are Android and iOS. Both require a specific application for the operating system. Some of them can also do large tasks such as laptops, but will not be as big as laptops. While laptops are able to operate their software easily, the problem is the lack of hardware performance input devices that can work on some tablet PC features.

Result: Laptop


Tablets are relatively new to the Indonesian market and as a result, they tend to carry a premium price for their new technology. The average price for a tablet PC is around $499. But for comparison, many laptops are found at a price of $ 300 to $ 400. Laptops still have an advantage over tablet PCs when viewed from equivalent performance and features.

Result: Draw


Both laptops and tablet PCs have their respective advantages that complement each other. Each user certainly has different needs that can be met by just a tablet or notebook, or maybe both. However, the technological innovations that occur – one of them by Acer – allows us as users to get the advantages of notebooks and tablets in one device at once. For example, the unique design and reliable performance as presented by Acer on the Acer Iconia W511 tablet and the Aspire P3 Hybrid Ultrabook.